A Frog in Need

Me at the controls of my private jet

Reverend Frog, displaying uncharacteristic optimism, would like very much to be able to make some money from this site so he can use it, in later years,  to pay compensation to all the people he’s defamed.

To this end anyone who is interested in helping him out by paying for advertising (stop laughing at the back, please) or even hosting a link to the site on theirs would be very welcome. So if you’re a blogger and you like the crap that he spouts on a regular basis, please stick a link to the blog. Or alternatively, you can ‘+1′ this site in the new Google rankings to let them know how great he is.

As his fellow world-dominator and F1 colossus Tesco wouldn’t say, ‘Every advert helps.’

Contact him if you’re interested. You can also follow Reverend Frog’s F1 Blog on Facebook.

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