Reverend Frog F1 - About the Reverend

Reverend Frog
is a writer, a law graduate, music snob, coffee enthusiast, oxygen breather, a wearer of clothes, and one of those
annoying people who snigger while reading on trains.

The mysterious Reverend started off by dabbling with some scriptwriting in 2006, being commissioned, to everybody's surprise, to write
some material for a new BBC Radio 4 comedy programme by Open Mike Productions. The show, despite being performed at the Edinburgh festival by some of the country's finest young comedians, failed to either gain a commission for a full series, or make anybody laugh, so the Reverend's tenure as a comic scriptwriter was short-lived.

His first writing job after Radio Four was as editor of an arts magazine at home in Belfast, where he launched his mystifying take on life into the pages of what was supposed to be a light lunch-time read for people drinking cappuccinos. Everything from Greek mythology to medieval pilgrims were covered in his articles. The fact that they had nothing to do with coffee or art was rather beside the point.

He is able to write properly too: he has just finished a Masters degree in Creative & Professional Writing and is setting himself off in the vague direction of a career as a motoring journalist. He even blagged a job as a staff writer for the 2010 Formula One Black Book. So he mustn't be that bad.

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